Being similar dinosaurs appear in many old paintings, the myths and stories. Sometimes they are referred to as a dragon, but we are sure that they are not dragons, because dragons have four limbs (wings, front and rear legs). How is it possible that these creatures lived (or still live) with us, and that we are not harmed and how is it that we never see?

(Right: Giganotosaurus in Primeval TV Series)

- Theory of Evolution -

If dinosaurs really at least once lived with us, what is it with Darwin's theory of evolution? Yes, but there are a couple living proof that can be seen in zoos and botanical gardens demonstrating the fallacy in this theory, which today has grown into a law. For example: Tuatara (aged about 300 million years ago), Ginko (230 million years), bats (50 million years), crocodiles (250 million years) ... all the animals but should evolve into something else, but not they are still there, what can be seen in the fossil record. Also the theory that we evolved from simple organisms, proved to be false, because there is only a 4% difference in the genes of the least developed to the most advanced beings on Earth.

- Proofs in fossils -

Paleontologists determine the age of something on the layers above it. According to them, one centimeter layer is formed about a million years. Despite this, found the thigh bone of a dinosaur, about 1m long, placed vertically, passing through about 100 sedimentary layers. Does not that mean that the dinosaur stood there unseen 100 000 000 years, waiting to fossilize the way? Of course not! It must have sunk to the bottom of a lake or sea, where scored in the bottom, and he was soon after covered layers of sand. This confirms the herd and the pack of many dinosaurs, which were dug all the numbers in one place. That was the way paleontologists think, he would die one by one. As for the right age, paleontologist Jack Horrner found the bone of a T-Rex, which had a little meat on the edges. Does not that mean that the T-Rex did not die so long ago. (For more, visit our page Noah's Ark)

(Down: That this dinosaur died in a dry, since it would not be anything else, because the bacteria and vultures ate everything - bones and meat.)

Baryonyx skeleton by WorldSerpent

That this dinosaur died in a dry, since it would not be anything else, because the bacteria and vultures ate everything - bones and meat.

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