The European dragon is one of the most famous dragons. In general it is very rare, but the Dragonology says it can still be found in some caves and mountains. It feeds on deer, cattle, and sometimes humans, but they are usually avoided because of their bitter taste. The famous and the breathe fire. They are good speakers, too. They like to collect precious stones, because they are shielded on the back, but their bellies are soft, and lying on precious stones to create and harness at the belly. Also, serve them, and the courts, as it brings male largest gemstone females, that he liked her. Also, steam is with 28 years old and lived about 300!
- Description of specimen -
German Dragon by SabrielDragonkin

Powerful male of European dragon.

The European dragon has a huge dragon, about 15m long and 6m high. It has large, dark and full of wings. Its tail ends thickening in the form of arrowhead, and the color varies from green to bright red. He has horns on his head, which can be used in combat. It is similar to a mountain dragon, but there are small differences.