(continued from Dinosaurs and man) At what leads us to all this? Genes, flood, monsters? Of course, the Bible, a book written more than the last 5500 years. Also, despite the fact that is probably the oldest book contains all the items mentioned in the previous appendix. So, if you listen to the Bible, it seems that the dinosaurs became extinct at the very most famous flood ... Noah's flood. Even more points to Noah's flood and a huge wooden boat are its own remains at the top of Ararat, where the Bible itself indicates that the Ark stopped. In doing so, if all this is true, it means that we are all created in one day, just as the Bible says? Of course! This confirms the theory of Creatonists, that is, that we all live together, all "extinct" and modern animals.
Creationist Noah and His Ark

Dinosaurs, humans, "first" mammals and pterosaurs with Noah

- How are everyone stayed in? -
Noah's Ark is probably the largest ship in the history of mankind, but by the way you should remember that not all dinosaurs were huge like Diplodocus or Amphicoelias. The average size of a dinosaur was not bigger than today's elephants, even a claim that did not exceed the size of a sheep, but it can be called exaggeration. And as for those true giants, probably taken young specimens, because they eat less, less, and are not aggressive.
- What happened to Dinosaurs and other species? -
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Young T-Rexes are much smaller and less aggressive than Adults.

Dinosaurs are likely to suffer many cataclysms before Noah's ark. Probably the dinosaurs from Mu (for more, see Mu) suffered extinction even before some 12 000 years ago. Also, dinosaurs were probably sustained the emergence of the mountains, and after Noah's flood was followed by the ice age. And what is worse, the tragic fate of the dinosaurs no happy ending, it is likely those survivors killed a man because he attacked the crops due to lack of food. Today the dinosaurs are extinct or very rare.