Tyrannosaurus rex was a huge predator, long like a bus and weigh about 9 tonnes. But, is that real truth about this immense meat eater?
Dinosaur Bones2

Skeleton of huge T-rex, with 1,6m long skull with razor sharp teeth.

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Founded T-rex specimens, including UCMP and Celeste.

- UCMP 137538 and "Celeste" -

For now the largest known fossil of Tyrannosaurus is called "Sue". It the recent measurements is 13m in length, and up to 6,8m in height. This huge predator was once a female Tyrannosaurus rex. Also, we have another huge skeleton of this magnificent carnivores: the Stan. The Stan is huge T-rex somewhat smaller than Sue. It is 5.7m in height and 12,1m in length. But his skull was one of three complete skulls of Tyrannosaurus. However, recent findings of Tyrannosaurus's cousin, Nanotyrannus classified it as a juvenile of T-rex, suggesting that the T-rex skull changed throughout life. But why are Stan's skull and the skull of Nanotyrannus so similar? Simple, Stan wasn't fully grown. But what was it? The answer can be found in two recent books about dinosaurs. There say that the T-rex with 10 years, reaching a height of 10m, and then not much increased. But it's still growing. In the second book says that a fully grown T-rex reaching 12.5m in height, which is perfectly consistent with the previous statement. Also, this is not without reason written. In the past few years, discovered the remains of several giant Tyrannosaurus, much larger than Sjuinih. The names of these giants are UCMP 137538 and "Celeste". According to estimates, UCMP 137538 was high 9m and 16.5m long, and Celeste 8,3m high and 15m long. It is enough to conclude, these two Titans were in adolescence, whereas until now can contact the fossils belonged to sub-adult. Real T-rex'es size was immense, it was 23m in lenght and 12,5m in height. Wow!