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Scientists say that the female Tyrannosaurus were much larger and more aggressive. This is confirmed by a couple of recent discoveries of some inaccurate separate species. In the first place the Tyrannosaurus K. About this species Tyrannosaurus speculated for a long time, but scientists are now mostly agreed that it was a male T-rex. Previously, this dinosaur was considered for adult Nanotyrannus, because he had a long tail and slender body than T-rex. But the recent discovery that suggests that Nanotyrannus actually cub of T-river, we came to the conclusion that T-X is actually male of Tyrannosaurus. These males had significantly larger nostrils, which indicates that they had a better sense of smell. They also took care of the children and beat around the territory and the the rang of the leader of the herd. However, neither set cubs are not available. Tarbosaurus is wrongly attributed to a separate genus. In fact, it was apparently an Asian version of the T-rex, but we now know that he was actually a young female Tyrannosaurus. He's more of a tooth, slightly larger head, it was easy and built to run. These were all characteristics of the offspring Tyrannosaurus. Even the conclusion that lived in Asia is not a problem. We know that many American and Asian dinosaurs moved on the adjacent continent via Berning's Strait. However, it is unlikely radio and huge Huaxiaosaurus, which is probably moving along smaller cousin Edmontosaurus. Huaxiaosaurus was the same size as the adult T-rex. On the other hand, the Edmontosaurus was the same size as the young T-rex, suggesting that the Rex followed these herds.