Tyrannosaurus Rex was a large carnivore dinosaur from North America. It was a huge apex predator, able to catch almost every herbivore in its territory, which would be extended to 300 square km. He probably lived in groups, and could reach a height of over 12.5 meters and a length of 21m (for more, see T Rex size). He had a remarkable vision, and is able to see the object that was about 6500 meters away! In doing so, his sense of smell is probably the strongest ever seen, since it is using scents could "see" his prey. Also, it is even equipped with sensors on the feet, which are able to sense the slightest vibration, which, with the help of the sensor reaching up to the ears. Wit that abbilities, this incredible predator could get all the necessary informations. Thus these predators hide behind trees and waited for the right moment to jump from ambush at a speed of 70km per hour and grab the prey by the neck. In the mouth of this killer could stay 270 kilograms of meat, while the predator was necessary about a million calories to meet daily needs. In addition, his bite was the strongest in history, and what makes this a snap even killful are bacteria that are hiding between your teeth. Also, Tyrannosaurus could open his mouth to yawn amazing 1.2m, and it helped him lower jaw that could come off and upper to the killer could have taken even bigger bite. Also known is the fact that when he knocked out a tooth, it has grown to a new one. What it has also reinforced the snap, he had a muscular neck, as fat as his hind leg.
Op volle snelheid heeft Tyrannosaurus zijn lichaam perfect in balans illustratie Wikimedia

Dangerous T-Rex male.

- Firedrake -
Firedrake is a powerful dragon in Germanic mythology. This dragon has the power to breathe fire, and in some stories the power has grown into the skin of the flame, which is wh
Beowulf dragon

Modern reconstruction of Beowlf's dragon.

y sometimes these dragons called fire. But what does it matter now has a powerful predator of the previous story? The connection between these two completely different beings is Beowulf's dragon. This dragon strikingly similar to the T-Rex, and behavior, especially in appearance. However, some documents indicate that this dragon was just Firedrake. So, even though T-Rex had a fiery skin or wings, males are likely to be very brightly colored, and some speech samples and the T-Rex had feathers. So all that's left is to confirm: the T-Rex is actually Firedrake. (for more, see Beowulf)